I. S. A.
Surfing Australia

Beginners Course:

  • Basic techniques - paddling, sitting on the surf board, duck diving, standing up and security
  • General knowledge – equipment, sea conditions, safety precautions, nutritional tips, basic physical preparation, simulation of dangerous situations
  • Orientation in and out of the water
  • Surf videos, containing information on surf etiquette, surf history, respect for the environment
    5 classes, 1 ½ hours each.

Advanced Course:

  • Maneuver techniques
  • Style correction
  • Techniques for increasing speed on the waves
  • Advanced physical preparation
  • Videos
  • Surf etiquette
    5 classes, 1 ½ hours each.
Of friendship and the ocean
Os Surfistas...
Come and take part in the party...
With the surf and nature!!
Todo o pessoal
Become a champion!
Torne-se um Campeão!

Competition Preparatory Course:

  • Competition regulations
  • Heat simulation
  • Competitive physical preparation
  • Competition tactics
  • Vídeos
  • Surf etiquette
    5 classes, 1 ½ hours each

Curso Personal Training Course:

  • Private lessons
    by hour

Alternative Course

  • For groups of 6 or more students
  • In any city, with or without ocean!
As Surfistas...

Felipe and Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew, president of the ISA and Technical Director of Surfing Australia, Inc.Raupp e os Poderosos do Surf Internacional

In Burleigh Heads, with the Brazilian team, at Billabong Pro 98. In the photo: Felipe Raupp, Fábio Silva, Guilherme Herdy, Armando Daltro, Victor Ribas, Peterson Rosa, Marco Polo, Raoni Monteiro, Guga, Felipe, Rafael and Thiago.
Rafael e Thiago
Os nomes do Surf

Brazil – Australia Junior Exchange at Burleigh Heads, 1998

Surf is life, preserve where you surf! Keep the ocean clean!


  Esola de Surf Felipe Raupp