Felipe Raupp - que onda.....    In 1988 Felipe graduated in Physical Education from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Porto Alegre. In 1997, Felipe completed his post-graduate studies and received his Masters of Education at the Brazilian Lutheran University (ULBRA). To complement his formal education in sports, in 1998 Felipe completed the Surf Specialization course offered by the ISA (International Surf Association) and he participated in Brazil Australian exchange at Gold Coast – Australia. As a final touch to the quality of Felipe´s school and surf instruction, in 1999 he traveled to California to learn the latest teaching techniques and purchase top-of the line equipment for his school.
Felipe Raupp is native to Torres, and has been surfing local breaks since 1979 An avid surfer, Felipe is highly interested in promoting local and national interest in the sport. He founded the AST (Associação de Surfers de Torres – Torres Surfers Association), and he created the Internal Surf Circuit for Torres. In 1984 Felipe began teaching the art of surf to locals keen on learning the sport. This was the beginning of the Felipe Raupp Surf School.    Felipe Raupp - que tubo animal.....   
Felipe Raupp - não escorreguei.....    Felipe Raupp, a master of his trade, teaches the techniques and secrets, the forms, styles and details of surf to students of all ages, from 5 to 65 years old. Age, height, weight and size do not determine your surfing capability. Every determined student has felt the breathtaking experience of catching a wave and riding it.
Felipe Raupp Surf School currently offers 3 courses:

Beginners Course – A five day course that covers basic knowledge and technique, including paddling, standing up on the board, body position and alignment, sea condition and wave interpretation, and important safety precautions. Don´t fret, in 5 days you will be surfing.
Advanced Course - Information on maneuvers, techniques, and just about everything that you can do with a surf board.
Competition Preparatory Course – For advanced surfers, you will learn national and international competition rules and regulations. The course also includes competition heat simulations and competition strategy.

   Felipe Raupp - sinta a classe.....
Course Schedule: 8:30 am – Young adults and adults 10:00 am – Children 3:30 pm – Personal and specialized classes

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Phone: (51)9991.4049 / (51) 3664.1773